IBI's commitment to technology is second to no other armored carrier in the region. With its in-house IT department and heavy investment in computer and communications hardware, software and systems, IBI is a leader in the industry. IBI was the first carrier in the region to utilize bar coded bags for routing and control, and the first carrier in the region to deploy GPS tracking across its fleet of vehicles.

IBI commenced its automation project in 1994, determined to create the best possible technology in an area that was at that time devoid of any comparable systems.

Transportation System

IBI's transportation system fully integrates all aspects of the company. From the moment a bag is scanned into the portable computer when it is picked up by a courier, to the point where it is scanned a final time at its destination, IBI maintains a continuous chain of custody, creating time stamped progress records at every stage of the process. The efficiency is beneficial to both the company and to the customer.

On-Call System

IBI's On-Call system, resembling a flight segment booking system, is so versatile that it will track virtually any job, no matter how complex, and generate detailed. human readable professional invoices and reports.

GPS Tracking System

IBI utilizes the 'state of the art' Trimble GPS navigation system across its entire fleet. Knowing where all vehicles are at all times provides more than just peace of mind. IBI dispatchers are able to accurately advise customers of status, monitor vehicle progress to accomodate exceptions and even provide drivers with directions in unfamiliar territories! With integration of the Trimble system to the portable computers used by the couriers, and route analysis software, IBI has left behind the world of pins stuck in maps, creating a most efficient and responsive operation.

Video Systems

IBI has a Bank-Quality money counting operation and in order to provide the level of accountability required by today's customers, IBI has equipped all of its facilities with a heavy investment in digital video systems. All areas of every IBI facility are fully monitored and all counting stations have at least two cameras per station. IBI can make relevant video available to customers on-line or on a CD in the event of an enquiry.